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Welcome One, Welcome All!

Well, here we find ourselves, on my first blog post. It’s a little curious us meeting like this, eh? Almost like it was meant to be. Like fate just brought you here to fill your very soul with pure, unfiltered optimism, so that whatever inner light that needs to shine bright in this world can begin its first flickers to illumination. It is possible for you to accomplish unbelievable goals, goals that not even you knew you were capable of fathoming. Maybe you’re a new mother, like me. Maybe you’re a student nurse, like me. Or maybe, you’re just a person with a dream, who unfortunately, understands this world is full of hurdles, set backs, and dark abysses. I am here to tell you, you can do it! WE can do it! Through perseverance and will-power, you can achieve. I implore to follow me on my own journey, that of which I know will be filled with joy and strife, with a few cry-laughs along the way, but I assure you, it will be an adventure! I mean, it has been quite the rollercoaster already…

It has taken me years to even get to the point of being able to apply to a nursing program! Two years of pre-requisites, my ass! It took me three. However, even fate likes to remind you to lighten up a little and trust the process, no matter what it entails, because after I did finally apply, and impatiently awaited my qualification letter, I received an email stating my application was incomplete and therefore I was denied entry for the program! Denied…Needless to say, after an evening of bawling my eyes out, I summoned the courage to call the program administrator to see why and what exactly was “incomplete”. After what seemed like a century of silence in our conversation, with only the sound of her fingers furiously tapping away at her keyboard as my comfort, she informed me that the email had been sent on accident, and that I qualified for the program and my application was now placed into the lottery. ACCIDENT?! How do you accidently almost kill a student from heartbreak? Fate, you fickle jerk.

So I got the message. I needed to trust that my hard work would pay off, that all my efforts were a part of a much bigger plan. Then, fate handed me another surprise. This time, it would be one of the greatest gifts I never knew I always wanted. I was late. Now, I’m not talking fashionably late to the party, unless that party was my menstrual period and Aunt Flo was the guest of honor, I was fricken late. I tip-toed to the bathroom and quietly unwrapped a dollar store pregnancy test while my partner peacefully slept, unaware of the life-changing piss that was taking place. I read the directions, and proceeded to aim. I was five weeks pregnant and smack dab in the middle of my nursing application being processed. A whirlwind of emotion followed. How could I do this? If I did get accepted, how could I possibly survive a full-time nursing program filled with 12-hour clinicals and insurmountable hours of studying, all while raising a baby?! Was I going to have to give up my dream? I felt guilty for even feeling like this might knock me right off of my trail of destiny. I had worked so hard to get to this point, but I was pregnant. I was devastatingly happy.

I pulled myself together and knew that I had to do this, not only for myself but for my unborn baby. I needed to be the best mother I could be for her. Darn! Did I give it away? Yep, she was a girl! And I was going to work my ass off, not only to fulfill my dream, but also so that I could give her a good life. She was my reasoning! She was the extra-push I needed to really buckle down and work even harder. Eventually, I received my “provisional acceptance” letter. I was ecstatic, out of over six-hundred applicants, I was one of forty that were accepted. My first year applying to only one nursing college, and it just happened to be my dream nursing program. Fate was still on my side! Now all I had to do was have my baby and pass my entrance exams with flying colors. So, after a 35-hour labor and studying my ass off, I did just that.

Now here we are. I have a beautiful baby girl, and I’m just waiting to hear which semester I will be placed to start in. Hope you continue to follow me on this crazy ride we call life. I know I can’t wait to see what wonders I accomplish, and what other feats I’ll…defeat? So if you need a laugh, or a little encouragement, come visit me here. See you soon!



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